Quality and Innovation

img-qualidadeThe Rudnick Group’s Manufacturing Plants, since the beginning of their operations have the dedication of producing and having state of art equipment to better assist our customers in flexiblility and manufacture Quality products.

Improvements and training that are made every day in all areas such as quality, production capacity and the dedication of all employees to the Quality
System can increase growth for our Company and our Customers.

About the company

img-sobre-nosMoveis Rudnick S.A was founded in Sao Bento do Sul, Santa Catarina in 1938.

Combining the careful selection of raw materials and advanced manufacturing processes to produce pieces that have beauty and quality which are trademarks of all Rudnick Products.

Our History

  • 1938
  • 1946
  • 1959
  • 2015
  • Rudnick was founded September 12, 1938 when its founder, the late Mr. Leopoldo Edmundo Rudnick opened a cabinetmaking workshop in a small shed on the Dona Francisca Road in the center of São Bento do Sul – SC. The original machinery was powered by animal traction.

  • In 1946 Mr. Leopoldo moved his workshop to the Oxford District where he built a new shed on the site where the main plant of the Group stands today.

  • From 1959 onwards, when his sons joined the company as partners, the company gained a new drive, and began a growth and expansion period, which resulted in the present conglomerate.

  • RUDNICK can supply the most sophisticated furniture markets. With production facilities spread out over four plants, all of them in São Bento do Sul – SC (Brazil), with built up production facilities covering 58,000 m², equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, with the best European technology and well trained staff, exporting 40% of the production, RUDNICK can produce the most varied styles in furniture, both in solid wood and in panels, in order to service the different market sectors. Our management system ensure product quality, which is recognized by our customers in the demanding US and European markets where we have an export tradition going back over 20 years.

  • Units

    Today Moveis Rudnick has five manufacturing Plants and Main Office that centralizes Logistics, Computer System Main Frame, Personal, Export and Domestic Sales, Marketing and Accounting to better serve the Rudnick Plants and the Rudnick customers.